Lyceum of The Universal Teachings of Earth's Ancestors

L.U.T.E.A. seeks to elevate the enlightened wisdom of Indigenous knowledge by presenting teachings facilitated by Indigenous Elders and Culture Bearers. L.U.T.E.A advocates an American Indigenous intelligence in particular to Indigenous Northern California and Southern Oregon. However, all of L.U.T.E.A's efforts are to honor and support the wisdom of Indigenous Knowledges of the Earth.

L.U.T.E.A. seeks to offer to the public forums in order to promote wholistic knowledge of North American history that includes Indigenous North American History through discourse, workshops and wellness Circles. "Living a Good Life" is an Indigenous term for wellbeing. It is the primary goal of L.U.T.E.A. to facilitate avenues for re-cultivating wellness through events, and spiritually focused gatherings.

L.U.T.E.A. is modeled after the Lyceum movement in early colonial America that sought an interdisciplinary approach to educate. The essential function of L.U.T.E.A is inspirational study by spiritually based Indigenous principles and theories.  Intimate gatherings to experience discourse is favored to exchange ideas, and art and performance is encouraged to awaken imagination and vision.